Virtual Opportunities (January 11-February 12, 2021)

Virtual Summit Opportunities For Sponsors and Exhibitors:

  • Your company will be set up as a “session” within the platform that will be live from January 11th-February 15th.

  • Describe your business or sales reps within your session to give attendees more information about your company.

  • Within your session, you can highlight your company or products and even have a pre-recorded video that plays. Length of video will depend on exhibitor/sponsor level.

  • Up to three “Action Buttons” can/will appear below your video

    • Link to your website 

    • Have interested parties fill out a questionnaire  

    • Link to your scheduling calendar to have the attendee sign up for a 1-on-1 with a sales rep

    • Have attendees’ “Drop Their Card!” 

      • ExpoPass has given access to their Lead Retrieval for free 

      • Instantly collect attendees’ contact information with their push of a button

      • Through the touch of a button scanned leads are emailed to an exhibitor’s inbox.

  • Upload your own materials, pricing, manuals and sales catalogs for attendees to look at and download

  • Ability to look at analytics from people who attend your session or booth. 

  • Multiple touchpoints. Because the conference is a virtual experience, your session will be open for about a month and allow you to reach attendees multiple times within the framework. 

  • Ability to sponsor a session. With this option, your logo and company information will be added to the session and highlighted every time an attendee is within that session, as well as on the schedule screen

In-Person Opportunities (August 2 and 3, 2021)

Be a part of the 2020 SBP Summit!

There are multiple levels of Sponsorship and Exhibitor levels available for the 2020 SBP Summit.  There is a quick form to fill out if you need more info and need to talk to someone, a breakdown if you are not ready to be contacted and just looking, or a chance to register right now!

Branded Opportunities


New places to advertise!

Put your logo on the mobile app, check-in kiosk, event badges or registration page!



Platnium Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Event Badge Branding



Exhibitor Space is dependent on how many 6' tables and chairs you need or how much booth space you need for additional display.  There are monetary charges for power, extra outlets, extension cords, etc.

  • Power Outlet needed- $35

  • Power Strip- $15

  • Extension Cord- $10


1- 6' table, 2 Chairs

***Limited number available***



2 Table Non-Profit Booth Space


3-6' Table, 6 Chairs


2-6' Table, 4 Chairs


3 Table Exhibitor Space

3-6' Table, 6 Chairs

Exhibitor Information Schedule (.pdf)

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations (.pdf)

Important Dates and Deadlines (.pdf)

Event Floorplan (.pdf)

New for 2021- Lead Retrieval!



If you are interested, you will have the ability as an exhibitor or sponsor to purchase a Lead Retrieval feature from out registration company, ExpoPass.  Cost is $250, but allows you to scan badges for leads, ask individualized qualifier questions, all from a mobile device/tablet!

Build a Relationship

Exhibitors can document their interaction with an attendee through qualifier questions. The attendee is no longer just a number but a relationship.

Instant Access

Leads are available now. Through the touch of a button scanned leads are emailed to an exhibitor’s inbox.

Quick Capture

The fast paced exhibit floor has met it’s match. Exhibitors can capture leads in the blink of an eye.  Just scan the event badge and get the information you need.

Offline Ready

Enjoy an app that just works, despite poor internet connections. Featuring an intelligent offline sync technology that keeps going.

Code Supported Privacy

Support of encrypted QR and Barcodes

See Lead Retrieval Videos:

Sponsorship/Exhibitor Opportunities

We’re Going Virtual This Year

While many things have been rapidly changing in society, business, and education—and around the world—we know that your commitment and passion to serve and support Ohio’s practitioners remain the same.
This Unique Time Requires Us to Think and Work Differently
From working with practitioners and districts to engaging with their families and school personnel, many of you are serving therapists and students in new ways. As we all learn and adapt, the power of community and new mediums are essential to reach our wonderful spport service personnel.

What's Different?

With a delay in our normal 2020 SBP Summit, due to COVID-19, we have pushed back the 2020 event to January of 2021.  For January's event, it is in a virtual setting.

2021 Will Have Two Events

As mentioned, there will be a Virtual Summit taking place from January 11th-February 12th.  We still plan on having an in-person event in August of 2021, at the Hilton Columbus of Easton, in our usual setting.  

What Does That Mean For Sponsors and Exhibitors

We recognize that these are tough times and meaningful choices within budgets need to be maintained.  Therefore, why participate in one event, when you can participate in TWO!  That's right, there is the option to participate in BOTH events, the 2021 Virtual Summit and the 2021 SBP Summit in Columbus in August.  By participating in both, you well receive a discounted rate compared to signing up for both individually.


Exhibitor Costs


Exhibitor Tiers- What Do You Get




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